How Thrilling Is A Water Ride That Ends With Creation of An Accident?

Any patron visiting a water park has good reason to ask that question. Once they have opened, such parks contain a high concentration of people. At that same point in time, any such water park also harbors a high concentration of potential risks. For that reason, the sensible park- owner makes an effort to minimize the amount of risk in any one ride, as they are aware that they can be sued by the accident victim with the help of ICBC Lawyers in Port Coquitlam.

Responsibilities of a park owner

• Maintain functioning water slides
• Repair defective water slides
• Make certain that each member of the staff receives an adequate amount of training
• Prevent the overburdening of staff members, so that all of them can watch for potential hazards.
• Have on hand the supplies and equipment that should work to remedy a potential problem.

Problems that a water park should be ready to handle

• A patron with a spinal cord injury
• Patrons with head or neck injuries
• Patrons with straddle injuries, those which have resulted from damage to the patrons’ groins.
• Incidents that involved the slipping and falling of a patron.
• Incidents that resulted in a near-drowning

Questions that need to be answered, if you have been injured at a water park

Were you following all the posted rules/ Were you following all the rules printed in the documents that you had received? If you violated any rule that had been made clear to the park’s patrons, you may be held partially responsible for the injury-causing accident.

Did the owner have good safety policies? You may need help with answering that question. Study the suggestions given below, the suggested actions for those that have been injured at any of the various water parks.

Did you sign an injury release form before going on any of the slides? If you did sign such a form, you may need a lawyer’s help, if you plan to seek some form of compensation. The park’s owner can still be held liable, if that same individual had recognized the existence of a hazard, but had failed to tell patrons about it, when asking them to sign an injury-release form.

Suggested actions for anyone that has been injured on a water ride

See a doctor as soon as possible. Get any tests the doctor might suggest. After those results have been analyzed, be sure to follow the doctor’s prescribed treatment routine.

Schedule a free consultation with several lawyers. Find out if any of the consulted lawyers have some familiarity with the safety policies that should get enforced at any of the parks visited by families. It is best to pick one of the lawyers you consulted and hire that same injury lawyer. They will ensure that they will accompany you to the courthouse and file a personal injury complaint; do that before the statute of limitations has expired.