How Missteps Can Impede Effort To Obtain Fair Compensation

Personal injury lawyers understand the procedure that gets followed, during the days and month after a motor vehicle accident. The company that sold an insurance policy to the responsible driver gets asked to compensate the driver that has submitted a claim. Yet the insurance company’s lawyers always look for some reason that the plaintiff should be denied all or part of that same compensation.

If a plaintiff makes a misstep, the defendant’s lawyers seize on that opportunity. That legal team puts together a case that is aimed at reducing the amount of money owed to the plaintiff/victim. For that reason, anyone that could get involved in a motor vehicle accident should know how missteps can impede an effort to get compensated fairly.

The lawyer’s role in helping someone with a personal injury claim to take the right steps

ICBC Lawyers in Surrey alert their clients to the dangers associated with accepting an early settlement. A victim that must deal with chronic pain, or one that has a medical condition that has not healed completely, should never agree to an early settlement. Negotiations should continue until the extent of plaintiff’s/victim’s injuries have become clear.

A lawyer should inquire about the number of passengers in the car that got hit. Any one of them could have suffered a debilitating injury. Until that possibility has been ruled out, it makes no sense to settle with the other party’s insurance company.

The lawyer’s role in British Columbia, when it comes time to deal with ICBC

Each such attorney can help a victim to fight for all of the available benefits. That would include disability benefits, reimbursement for transportation costs, medical benefits and compensation for homemaking services. Any injured resident of BC has a right to those benefits/services.

The lawyer puts together a compelling claim.

That claim should highlight the fact that a medical condition can trigger development of psychological distress. The distressed victim can suffer cognitive difficulties or problems with paying attention. In other words, distressed victims can find it challenging to process information. Such victims have a right to seek compensation for the time and money spent seeking the guidance of a neuropsychological specialist. A meeting with such a specialist can disclose the presence of formerly hidden disorders, so that the correct steps might be taken, in order to address those same disorders.

The statements in the preceding paragraph help to illustrate the nature of a good argument, one that has been put together by an attorney. It can serve as the culmination of a strategy that has been free of the most common missteps. Consequently, that strategy and argument can work together to help a victim enjoy success with a personal injury claim.