How Environmental Concerns Affect Certain Lawyers In British Columbia?

Groups that advocate for a better treatment of the environment encourage adult employees to ride to work on their bicycles. Still, as more and more bicycle riders travel on the road, the chances for a cycle-related collision increases. As the frequency of such accidents increases, personal injury lawyers need to deal with a growing number of personal injury claims.

The role of the attorney: Study the cause for each accident.

• Was there a dip in the road?
• Was the cyclist paying attention; was the driver of the motor vehicle paying attention to the road?
• Was one of the bicycle’s parts defective?
• Was the roadway congested?
• What was the weather like?

How the bicycle rider can produce evidence that the other party was negligent in the moments that preceded the accident?

If a cyclist had collided with a car, or if a danger in the street caused the cycling incident, then the bicycle rider should consult with an attorney. Lawyers understand what sort of documentation is needed, in order to prove a particular allegation.

If the street was dangerous, had the city become aware of that danger? Had anyone reported it? If so, what actions had been taken by city authorities? All those questions must be answered, before any cyclist can declare that the city government should be held responsible for a given cyclist’s injuries.

Smart cyclists take the necessary steps in the correct order.

If a bicycle rider in British Columbia has collided with a motor vehicle, then it is likely that ICBC will agree to handle the claim. Yet that does not mean that everyone riding a bicycle in B.C. should plan on submitting a claim form to ICBC, soon after colliding with that sort of vehicle.

It may be too early to submit that claim form. That form may need other supporting documents. Smart cyclists consult with a lawyer, before contacting ICBC. It makes no sense to submit a claim form, if there is a chance that ICBC might demand more documents. The coming and going of the various forms stretches out the length of the claims’ process. By first consulting with an Accident Lawyer in Langley, a cyclist can learn exactly how to deal with ICBC.

It could be that the bicycle driver accepted a business card from the driver, but later found that the business card did not belong to that particular driver. Alternately, it could be that the driver has claimed that the bicycle rider caused the accident. The legal system does not give the drier the right to make that allegation, and then to state it out loud. Lawyers have learned how to handle a case in which such unacceptable allegations have been directed at a given client.