How A Lawyer Gets Involved In The Settlement Process?

Any accident that has led to an individual’s injuries makes the at-fault party liable to pay for damages and give compensation for property loss. However, trying to do it on your own doesn’t help as the insurance company tries to lowball you. That is why most people hire the services of an injury lawyer to file a claim. But generally, a personal injury lawyer does not become involved in an ongoing case until after completion of the interrogatories and any deposition. Interrogatories are written questions that one party sends to the opposing party in a lawsuit. A deposition results in scheduled testimony from a selected individual.

A defense lawyer waits for word that the plaintiff’s attorney has identified the expert witnesses. Lawyers for a plaintiff cannot get involved in a settlement process until the defendant’s insurance company is ready to talk.

Reasons why a lawyer might take part in the negotiations for an extended period of time:

As the negotiated case has proceeded, those involved have become focused on legal and factual issues. Both sides struggle to determine who was at fault. The supporters of the defendant want to know how badly the victim’s body got injured. The lawyer filing the lawsuit should be ready to fight for the victim’s rights.

The 2 sides are negotiating a high-value case. The personal injury attorney stands to receive a large fee, if the attorney’s client wins the case. The injured victim has not yet reached the point of maximum medical improvement. Hence, it is too early to settle. Personal injury lawyers in Surrey cannot accept any offer unless and until their client has agreed to accept the same offer.

Once a plaintiff in a particular case has agreed to a settlement, that same case is closed. Once a case is closed, there is no way to obtain a larger amount of money from the defendant. An attorney’s awareness of that fact can push that member of the legal community to take an active involvement in the settlement process for an ongoing case. Personal injury lawyers get involved in their clients’ cases, in hopes of increasing the size of the client’s award.

As mentioned above, an attorney’s role might involve making an active effort to fight for a specific client. That can happen, if one of the attorney’s great concerns centers around a particular legal or factual issue. Alternatively, an attorney’s involvement might reflect a lawyer’s eagerness to enjoy the benefits that are linked to agreeing to advocate for a client with a high value case. Finally, a personal injury lawyer might realize that one or more of the victims has failed.