Help For Resident of British Columbia, When Expecting An ICBC Adjuster

After a resident of British Columbia becomes involved in an automobile accident, that same driver has 24 hours in which to file a report with ICBC. Once that required report has been filed, the reporting driver can expect to hear from the ICBC claims adjuster.

The earliest preparations for the adjuster’s appearance:

Those earliest preparations get made at the time when the accident gets reported. At that time, the words of the policy holder/victim work to shape the adjuster’s view. That is why care must be taken by any accident victim, in order to avoid suggesting that he or she is partly to blame for the reported collision.

Claims adjuster supports the ICBC’s functions

As someone that supports the functions of the Insurance Commission of British Columbia, the claims adjuster works to keep the ICBC’s costs low. The lower the extent of the damages resulting from any one collision, the lower the costs for the agency that pays the adjuster’s salary. Victims that hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Kelowna can feel more confident that their damages will not get undervalued.

ICBC’s functions force it to operate as 2 different Insurance Companies in a single agency. It insures those victimized by any collision, and also those responsible for the same collision.

Actions any residents of British Columbia can take, if their claim has been undervalued:

Ask to know what information the insurer (ICBC) has used, in order to determine the value of that same resident’s claim. Await receipt of a new offer and study the same offer. Do not hesitate to dispute the same offer, if necessary. The dispute calls for initiation of a negotiating process. The victim’s lawyer can prove extremely helpful during that negotiating process.

Actions any of the same residents can take, if found at fault for a given accident:

Any BC resident can appeal such a decision. No resident will get punished for initiating such an appeal. Residents must understand, though, that each such appeal adds to the extent of ICBC’s costs. Remember, the claims adjuster has tried to lower those same costs.

The appeal starts with a request. The person who has been found at fault asks for performance of a claim’s adjustment review. After receiving that request, the ICBC will seek access to the medical records of the person that has initiated the review. Those medical records are viewed as the best indication of the extent of damages suffered by the person that has been named at fault.

With a lawyer’s help, the person that has been declared at-fault can obtain legal assistance. In other words, a lawyer can make sure that the physician has created a complete and accurate record of the patient’s/client’s medical condition.