Has My Recent Car Accident Left Me Without An Automobile?

The question in the title of this article can get condensed into a shortened form: Was my car totaled? In British Columbia ICBC has the right to declare a car totaled, after it has been damaged in a motor vehicle accident. It makes such a declaration when the cost for any repair work exceeds the damaged car’s apparent value.

What car owners must keep in mind about any estimation of the repair costs:

That estimation takes into consideration the cost of a replacement vehicle. ICBC’s obligations includes the requirement that any victim of an accident be provided with access to a substitute for the damaged car, truck, van or SUV. That obligation seems to benefit policy holders. Yet, it can also increase the estimated cost for any repairs. In other words, it can increase the likelihood that a damaged vehicle may get labelled as a total loss.

The significance of collision coverage:

Personal Injury Lawyer in Abbotsford knows that an automobile owner that fails to pay for collision coverage increases the chances that his or her auto could become a total loss, following the driver’s involvement in a serious accident. Alternatively, an even worse fate could await the car owner that has failed to secure collision coverage. If that same automobile owner gets declared liable for a given collision, then he or she could be told to pay the full deductible amount.

Factors considered in determining the compensation owed the victim of a motor vehicle accident:

The car’s condition just before the accident plays a huge part in determination of that compensation. In addition, ICBC looks to see if there are any liens on the damaged vehicle. By the same token, ICBC’s determination of the compensation includes an examination of whether or not the set-of-wheels that got damaged had been leased. If that proves to be the case, the leasing company gets paid, and not the vehicle’s owner.

What happens after a car has been declared totaled?

At that point, ICBC makes it clear that the owner cannot claim possession of a car, truck, van or SUV with a great degree of value. Hence, the same owner will be asked to put that same set-of-wheels up for sale, so that it can be declared salvage.

What action can be taken by any of the owners that would prefer to deal with the severely damaged piece of property (vehicle)? Any one of them has the right to hire a lawyer. A lawyer can be used to deal with the insurer, in hopes of gaining permission to hold onto that highly damaged piece of property. If ICBC’s ruling goes against the lawyer’s request, the damaged vehicle’s journey to the salvage yard has become a sure thing.