Handling The Aftermath of A Car Accident In British Columbia

Any accident can be a traumatic experience but after a car collision, you suffer with both mental trauma and physical injuries that can render you temporarily disabled. Here are some tips by ICBC Lawyers in Langley to deal with aftermath of an accident.

Step 1: Medical Attention

Before you do anything else, you need to have your injuries assessed. Sometimes people sustain injuries without being aware of them. Additionally, you will also need for you doctor to keep a detailed record of all your injuries as evidence, should you choose to file a claim in order to obtain compensation.

Step 2: Treatment of Your Injuries

Within the initial four days following your accident, a treatment plan should be put into place and then into action. With the help of a specialist, or even specialists, your injuries should be mitigated as much as possible. Changes to a treatment plan are normal as you recover. Six weeks should be the minimum expected recovery period.

Step 3: Mitigate

Mitigating your injuries includes following your health care provider's advice as closely as reasonably possible.

Step 4: Legal Counsel

If another was responsible for your injuries, your insurance company will not be on your side. A personal injury lawyer on the other hand will want what is best for you. Most offer an initial free consultation session, and will then be paid on a contingency basis. Throughout the claims process, they will help you meet deadlines, gather evidence, and build a successful claim.

Step 5: Paying For Treatment

As your claim is in the works with ICBC, they will likely not cover all your medical expenses. Oftentimes, this is where your lawyer will step up and pay these fees and bills, as long as these treatments were requested by your doctor. To ensure this safety blanket, you will need to look for a lawyer that offers this support.

Step 6: Keeping Record

It is vital to keep track of your injuries and recovery, as well as all your accident related expenses, including lost income. All these details will be important for your claim. Because of this, a good lawyer will push for you to keep a journal.

Step 7: Filing Your Claim

You will have about 2 years to file a claim with the ICBC, but sooner is better than later with these matters. Your lawyer will help you ensure all deadlines are met and necessary evidence is gathered.

Step 8: Trustworthy Health Care Providers

The ICBC's doctors will write reports to downplay the severity of your injuries in order to push for a low settlement. Because of this, you will require medical experts to speak out in your favor and support your claim with medical facts. Again, a lawyer will help you find such experts.