Getting Medical Treatment When You’ve Been Injured On The Job

Occupational health and safety requirements and Worker’s Compensation Insurance are two very important facets of your job. In order to avoid catastrophic accidents from occurring or preventing employees from filing bullying and harassment claims, it’s very important that an employer take proactive steps to ensure that these don’t happen. Being proactive also ensures that there won’t be any non-compliance fines levied against the business/employer.

When should I get treated for My Injuries?

If you’ve suffered an injury on the job and are planning on filing a claim against your employer’s Worker’s Compensation insurance, you may be wondering if you should seek medical attention, even if it appears to be minor. Work-related injuries can stem from your normal duties to something more severe such as exposure to a toxic material. There are two reasons to get immediate treatment:

• the earlier you receive treatment, chances are the sooner you’ll fully recover

• the sooner you get treated for your injuries, the less of a chance that your employer or the insurance company will claim that your injury isn’t work-related

No matter what, don’t be tempted to downplay the severity of your injuries or just tough it out. This can delay or hinder your recovery or worse, adversely affect the treatment you receive and the amount of benefits you’re entitled to. That is why it is important that you discuss in detail the case with an Injury Lawyer in Burnaby. Most of the injury lawyers charge on contingency basis and are ready to give an evaluation on the damages and give a professional viewpoint.

Where should I go for Treatment?

If immediate treatment is needed, go to or have someone take you to the closest ER. If it isn’t an emergency, you’ll need to follow Provincial Law regarding these matters. In some cases, you may be able to choose your own doctor depending on the severity of your injury, while in other cases, your employer may choose one for you. This area of personal injury law can often be complex. So, it’s important to discuss this matter with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Should I insist on seeing My own Doctor?

Although the doctors that your employer and his or her insurance company refer you to are supposed to be objective and unbiased this isn’t always the case. The reality is that the doctor and your employer may have established a long-term, financially rewarding relationship with one another. Therefore, it is always advisable that you see your own doctor whenever possible. In so doing, you’ll be getting treatment from a doctor you know and trust.

Finally, there are 3 things you should always do – 1) be accurate and honest, 2) don’t speculate about your condition, and 3) tell your doctor everything.