First Time Meeting With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

It is fortunate that most people will never need a personal injury lawyer. Since it is a rarity many that do will not be prepared. Finding yourself in need of a personal injury lawyer brings up questions such as- what should bring to our initial meeting? What questions should I ask? Below you will find some pointers that will make the process go smoothly:

Research You Should Conduct

Your research should include understanding the court handling of cases similar to yours in British Columbia. Many lawyers work on these cases on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay up front costs, it will come out of the settlement or when you win your court case. British Columbia requires that contingency fees are only valid if they are put in writing.

More of your research will include gathering documentation pertaining to your injury. This evidence could include police reports, medical/therapy bills, damage photos and witness reports with contact information. Personal injury lawyers find this information helpful to better evaluate your case.

Have A List of Questions?

When you know you are going to have a consultation with your personal injury lawyer spend some time writing down a list of questions to ask. If you write them just the way you plan on asking them it will be very useful during meetings. Some possible questions would be:

● What amount of experience do you have in personal injury cases?
● Will you personally be working on my case or another lawyer with your firm?
● Have you handled many cases that are similar to mine?
● In what way do you handle a disagreement between yourself and a client?
● Do you have an idea of the length of time it may take to settle my case?
● Are there any fees additional to the contingency fees?

Some of these questions will be answered throughout the conversation with your Accident Lawyer in Port Coquitlam. Be sure to check your list before leaving the meeting for unanswered questions. Additionally, you need to ask them for any clarifications or doubts that you may have so that you are very clear about the type of claim to file, based on your injuries.

Take Note and Pay Close Attention

If you are concerned you may forget certain things take notes while in the consultation and as soon as it is over. Be sure to pay close attention when your lawyer speaks about any cases, they have handled that seem similar to your personal injury case. The lawyer you choose needs to be experienced in many types of cases, but especially, in personal injury cases much like yours.