Facts About Accidents That ICBC Keeps Hidden

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) can deny coverage of damages from an accident if the claimant has made the slightest mistake, when completing the required forms. For that reason, ICBC doesn’t clarify all of the rules that an accident victim needs to follow.

Rules to follow at the scene of the accident

It helps to contact the police, regardless of the size of the accident’s size. Although all those involved may seem fine in the moments following the collision, new symptoms may develop later. Those symptoms would be an indication of accident-related injuries. Moreover, it should not be assumed that the other driver will acknowledge any fault that he or she made, that might have caused the accident. Some drivers try to get out of their responsibility for causing a given collision. Some drivers even go out of their way to blame the other driver, despite evidence that fails to support their claim.

Rule to follow when submitting form to ICBC

In addition to seeking a form from the claimant, the Insurance Corporation also wants one from the doctor that examined that patient/claimant. Consequently, smart claimants take the time to work with the same physician, so that all of the necessary paperwork gets taken care of.

That way, there is less chance for a stark deviation from the diagnosis made by the examining physician and the claims made in the submitted form. Employees working in ICBC’s offices look for evidence of such a deviation. It can be pointed to as an indication that the claimant has made a false claim, regarding a certain injury. Naturally, a doctor cannot testify to the veracity of a claimant’s pain. That is why it helps to keep a journal or diary, recording painful sensations.

Rules to follow after submitting form to ICBC

The claimant that has submitted a form might get a call, asking him or her to meet with some of ICBC’s representatives, usually the adjuster. The claimant faces no obligation to meet with anyone from ICBC. That is why smart claimants hire ICBC Lawyers in Surrey.  That member of the legal profession can meet with ICBC’s representatives. Every claimant should understand that ICBC’s decision, once made, should not be viewed as the final decision. That ruling reflects the Corporation’s view of who was at fault. Yet, according to the law, the court gets to decide who was at fault for any given collision.

So how does a claimant get the court’s decision. That involves suing ICBC, and challenging its decision. That is an action that must be taken by a member of the legal profession. That fact highlights the reason that the victim of an automobile accident ought to hire a lawyer.