Factors That Increase Chance For Motorcycle Accident

You might think that poor weather conditions would trigger a sharp increase in the number of motorcycle accidents on the road. You might view an open road and a sunny day as a time when few such accidents would be likely to happen. Plenty of motorcyclists share your thoughts.

Consequently, those same riders fail to pay attention to the dangers that lurk in those locations where motorcycle riders stand at greatest risk for being hurt. Due to their lack of attention, the dangers go unnoticed. Hence, the same accident-prone situation gets repeated over and over.

The 3 times when motorists do not see a rider on a motorcycle

• The motorist is attempting to make a left hand turn and the motorcyclist pulls up next to the vehicle’s side.
• A motorist is trying to merge into traffic and fails to note a motorcyclist’s presence in that same line of traffic.
• A motorist has come to a stop and fails to realize that a motorcyclist has pulled up next to the vehicle’s side.

Times when a rider’s risky actions manage to increase the chances for an accident

• Rider ignores speed limit, while enjoying a ride on a two-wheeled vehicle.
• Rider uses drugs or drinks alcoholic beverage before getting onto motorcycle.
• Rider travels forward in the space between two cars. This is legal in some states, but it is still a risky move.
• Rider does not wear a helmet. Rider carries passenger that does not have a helmet.
• Rider has failed to clean the visor on his or her helmet.

Certain road conditions do pose a danger to motorcycle riders

• Small stones cover the road. Seeds such as acorns cover the road.
• The road is wet and the surface is slippery. The motorcycle’s handlebars are also wet; that is why smart riders wear gloves.
• The road is uneven; it does not stay level in all spots. The road might contain ruts or unexpected indentations.
• A road lacks sufficient lighting. Leather jackets work to protect motorcyclists. Still, that black jacket is hard to see at night, unless a road is well-lighted.

Understand that the factors listed at the end of this series of lists are the ones that are least likely to cause a motorcycle accident. Their appearance forces motorcyclists to use added caution, when riding down the road. Their absence causes a different sort of behavior.

The bike riders long to feel the air hitting them as they speed along. They go too fast and attempt dangerous moves, such as going fast around a curve. Their risky behavior can cause a huge rise in the number of times that a motorcycle gets damaged accidentally. However, after an accident it is important to seek the services of a personal injury lawyer in Burnaby or Port Moody to assist you with compensation or legal representation.