Factors That Have The Biggest Effect On Nature of Injury Settlement

Despite what some adults think, an effort to obtain settlement money does not represent an attempt to get some easy and undeserved cash. Following the occurrence of an accident, an injured victim might seek to obtain a settlement, so that it can serve as compensation for an unexpected financial burden.

Lawyers know the 2 factors that have the greatest influence on a determination of the size of a client’s settlement. Furthermore, lawyers have learned how to deal with the appearance of any such factor. You need to know:

• How the type of injury can influence a decision, regarding the compensation for the injured party?
• How much money was spent on getting that injury detected and diagnosed?
• How much money was spent on getting that injury treated?

An Injury Lawyer in Abbotsford should caution a client against focusing exclusively on either the diagnosis or treatment of a given injury. An insurance company does not look kindly at an unbalanced attempt to deal with a given injury.

How the extent of a victim’s pain and suffering might influence the determination, regarding the final settlement in a given case?

That victim should keep a record of the times when he or she experiences a level of discomfort. How intense was that discomfort, and how long did it last? A written record can be used in court; it qualifies as material evidence; proof of harm done to the plaintiff/victim.

Questions that a personal injury attorney might ask, when seeking to determine the extent of a client’s pain and suffering: Did the injury force the victim to deal with a permanent condition? Did the injury expose the victim to challenges that might qualify as dangerous situations?

Statements that a lawyer might use, in an effort to highlight the level of a client’s pain and suffering: This injury called for completion of a physical repair job. Doctors needed to use an intrusive examination, in order to detect the effects of this injury.

Statements that a lawyer might use, in order to enhance an argument about a client’s pain and suffering: Doctors say that there is a good chance for my client’s symptoms to recur. Doctors say that my client suffered from torn tissues; doctors say that my client suffered from separated tissues. Doctors had to correct for a displacement, after my client got injured.

How a lawyer’s statement might push an insurance company to suggest an early settlement?

A suggestion that the symptoms of an injury might recur could push the insurer to seek an early settlement. That would reduce the chances that the insurer could be held responsible for the discomforts associated with the returning symptoms. Normally an insurance company gets released from further obligations by agreeing to settle.