Explore The Rules And Regulations Surrounding The Operation of Scooters And Mopeds In British Columbia

Regardless of whether you are trying to save money, help ease the strain on the environment, or simply prefer scooters and mopeds over cars, there are some things you should be aware of before you go out to purchase these slowed down versions of a motorcycle. After all, you should always know what you are in for, and what you will need to pay attention to in order to abide by the law.

Key features to look at

Knowing what to look for so you are purchasing a scooter or moped that is actually street legal by British Columbian laws and regulations. The motor scooter you are thinking of purchasing must meet certain requirements in order to be street legal in the province of British Columbia. For one, its motor cannot be any larger than fifty cubic centimeters, otherwise it will no longer be considered a motor scooter. When we are talking about an electric scooter, that limitation obviously doesn't apply. However, the equivalent of this rule is that the motor cannot exceed a 1.5-kilowatt rating without being stamped off as not street legal for a motor scooter.

A speed limitation has also been put in place which states that the motor scooter cannot be able to exceed seventy-nine kilometer per hour. Weight wise it is not allowed to be any heavier than ninety-five kilograms, bar the weight of the battery or fuel. And in terms of the wheels, we have to be looking at a diameter of twenty-five point four centimeters or larger. Should all of these points apply, then you are already halfway toward purchasing a street legal motor scooter.

Know your alternate options to motor scooters and mopeds

There are other vehicles which are low powered and street legal in the province of British Columbia, such as electric bicycles. However, these also have to meet all operational requirements, and they will need to come with attached pedals in addition to their motor, otherwise thy will not be street legal. It should also be noted that, if your motor scooter requires you to shift during operation, then you are also not looking at a street legal scooter. Non permitted alternatives to motor scooters and mopeds are pocket bikes and motorized skateboards, so please steer clear of these vehicles.

How to register your motor scooter

Prior to operation, your motor scooter will need to be register if you are a resident of British Columbia. Additionally, if there is a minor accident or even a major one, and you are injured, you need to consult with an Accident Lawyer in Abbotsford. They will be able to guide you on the ways to seek the maximum compensation.