Everything You Need To Know About Reporting A Car Accident

Car accidents can be very traumatizing. The sudden impact, the noise, the shock – all of it makes it extremely difficult to grasp and hold onto thoughts during the immediate aftermath. This is what makes it so difficult to take the right steps and follow the law, both of which will be necessary to make your eligible for monetary compensation in the event of an accident caused by another party's negligence.

Do Car Accidents Need To Be Reported To The ICBC?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia, mostly referred to as the ICBC, is famous, or rather infamous, among the citizens of British Columbia since they provide universal auto insurance for drivers all across the province. On top of this, they also carry the responsibility of registering and licensing vehicles, as well as their drivers.

Due to the broad spectrum of jurisdiction, the ICBC has also become a part of the sector overseeing motor vehicle accidents across the province. Because of this, drivers hold an obligation to report their accident to the ICBC, if they took place in British Columbia.Negligence to do this, regardless of whether you were at fault or not, will entail financial consequences in the form of severely lowered monetary compensation for your injuries and damages to property.

Why Contacting A Lawyer Should Still Take Priority Over Giving Statement To The ICBC?

While the ICBC does hold differences to other insurance companies, they still share the same intentions: minimizing payout and undermining claims to achieve this. The ICBC is no advocate for you and other claimants, and neither are their claim adjusters. Because of this, you should always, regardless of the circumstances, seek out legal guidance from an experienced car accident lawyer who is familiar with car accident claims in Vancouver. Unlike the ICBC's claims adjuster, your lawyer will act in your best interest and won't be susceptible to the ICBC's repertoire of tricks to lure claimants into accepting unfair settlement offers.

Time Frame In Which You Will Need To Report The Accident To The ICBC

Since you have twenty-four hours to report the accident, you will have time to reach out to your lawyer and discuss the next steps. During this discussion, your Car Accident Lawyer in New Westminster will most likely urge you to be careful of your word choices as you give your statement to the ICBC. This is because the ICBC will try to use your statement against you later on during settlement discussions. If you admit even the slightest bit of fault, be it directly or indirectly, you will already have trouble obtaining fair compensation.