Errors To Guard Against When Filing An ICBC Claim

If the pain from an injury never seems to go away, the victim of a motor vehicle accident can find it hard to imagine what details ICBC might need to find on a claim form. Still, with a lawyer’s help, that same victim, should work to keep from making these mistakes.

Failure to submit all the supplementary materials that can confirm the serious nature of the claimed injury.

Do not assume that the doctor’s report can serve as the only proof of the fact that the claim has been made by you, after having suffered a serious injury. Offer copies of bills from the doctor. Provide ICBC with receipts for medicines or medical equipment. Ask a friend to take a picture, one that could show how the rehabilitation therapist has worked with you, so that you can make the movements that are expected of a healthy individual.

Failure to provide the information that should have been gathered at the scene of the accident.

All the involved drivers are supposed to exchange information. Consequently, the claim form sent to ICBC’s offices should include the names of each driver, along with the driver’s license number, and the name of the driver’s insurance company. In addition, that claim form ought to have the license plate number from each involved vehicle. It also helps to collect contact information from any witnesses at the scene of the accident.

Allowing ICBC to access unnecessary information

The victim of a motor vehicle accident does not have to provide ICBC’s adjuster with a statement. A copy of the police report is all that is required, with respect to details of the accident. Adjusters like to pretend that ICBC expects to receive such a statement, but it does not. Indeed, that is why smart victims make a point of hiring lawyer. Personal injury lawyers understand how to give a firm “no” to the request for such a statement.

Missing a deadline

If any paper gets submitted after a designated deadline, then that error can be used as grounds for denying the associated claim.

Refusal of treatment

It might seem proper to refuse an offer to be taken to a clinic or doctor’s office, after your vehicle has been damaged, especially if you do not appear to have been hurt. Yet such an action can be used against you, when you file a claim with ICBC, with the help of Injury Lawyer in Surrey. You should get seen by a doctor as soon as possible.

If you delay too long, you would provide the insurer with the opportunity to have reason for questioning the validity of your claim. The insurer could suggest that you got injured after you left the scene of the accident, but before you completed ICBC’s form.