Errors Frequently Made By Those Submitting ICBC Claim

If a resident of British Columbia becomes involved in a car accident, then he or she must complete a lengthy process, in order to seek the ICBC’s no-fault benefits. A claimant could make one or more mistakes, while pursuing that process.

Errors that can get made at the accident site:

• Not seeing a doctor soon after the time of the accident. Even an accident victim that does not have any apparent injuries should see a doctor. Claimants should also report all of their symptoms, while encouraging any passengers to share their symptoms.
• Not obtaining all the necessary information from the other driver(s). That would include the driver’s name, the license plate number of the driver’s vehicle, and a description of that same vehicle.
• Not taking any pictures, or arranging for someone else to take some pictures.
• Not speaking with witnesses; not getting the names of the witnesses, along with their contact information.
• Not calling the police. Someone that is submitting a claim to ICBC must attach a copy of the police report.

Errors that can be made after having left the accident site, and then arriving home.

It does not help to not report the accident to the Insurance Commission of British Columbia (ICBC). Personal Injury Lawyer in Kelowna knows that do not believe that reporting an accident frees a victim of the need to file a claim. Instead, follow-up on completion of the reporting procedure by filing a claim.

Forgetting to apply for medical employment insurance: You can only make this mistake if you were employed at the time of the accident. If you must take time-off from work, in order to recover, pay heed to the advice, regarding medical employment insurance.

Agreeing to negotiate with the adjuster before the injured driver and any injured passengers have reached the stage of maximum medical improvement. That is especially true, if any of the passengers were children or teenagers. In that case, the court should make an exception to the statute of limitations. Thus, the deadline for filing a lawsuit would come at the appropriate time after the injured child/ teen had reached the age of 18.

Accepting the first offer made by ICBC’s adjuster. Adjusters expect to bargain with the claimant, or with the lawyer that has been retained by the claimant. Some adjusters make a habit of quoting a low-ball offer. That is one that falls far below the reported injury’s calculated value.

Not retaining a lawyer. With a lawyer’s assistance, it becomes easier to deal with ICBC’s response to any mistake that was made, while following the established procedure. Sometimes, too, an attorney can note a mistake in a police report, or in some other document. Lawyers understand how to address and correct such mistakes.