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Dog Bites

Dog Bites Injury Lawyers in B.C

One of the areas of practice in B.C. Provincial personal injury law are those cases that result from animal attacks, or more specifically dog bites. While many individuals contend that dogs are “man’s best friend”, there are others that have sustained injuries someone’s pet attacked and bit them without warning. Whether unintended or not, dog bites can be very traumatic and leave the victim with disfiguring scars and permanent injuries. Fortunately, there are Provincial laws in place to hold the owner responsible and protect the victim.

Provincial Dangerous Dog Law

The B.C. Provincial Government passed the “Dangerous Dog Law” into effect in August of 2000 to ensure that people and pets would be protected from dogs that are deemed a potential threat to them. According to the Capital Regional District Bylaw No. 1465, a dangerous dog is defined as:

“. . . any animal that has attacked or bitten, attempted to attack or bite, or chased any person, or animal or wildlife; but excludes any attack by a dog on other animals or wildlife engaged in molesting livestock.”

Furthermore, the Dangerous Dog Law respects a responsible owner’s rights when they can ensure that their dogs pose no threat to other people and pets while at the same being cared for, socialized, and trained properly. However, the law goes on to say that:

  A Dog Must Be on a Leash and Muzzled if It Has Performed Vicious Acts in the Past
  The Provincial Court Can Order That a Dog Be Destroyed (or Euthanized) if They Have Injured or Killed or Have the Potential to Injure or Kill

If a dog owner cannot or does not control their animal, the above provisions will apply. And that is why it is important to work with a good lawyer.

What should You do if You’re bitten?

Any person who has been bitten by a dog will likely feel traumatized and confused as to what they should do next. Naturally, you should get medical attention depending on the severity of the bite. In order to protect your health and your rights to be compensated for your injuries, follow these steps:

  Call 3-1-1 (Animal Control) to report the incident
  File a report with local law enforcement
  Get the dog owner’s contact information
  Make a note of all important information including the animal’s appearance, where the attack occurred, and so on
  Take photos of your injuries

All of the above will be extremely helpful when calling Barapp Law Firm for assistance with your claim. Proving liability in this type of personal injury case can be difficult, especially if you do not have an experienced lawyer to represent you. In any event, our legal team will advocate aggressively on your behalf whether your claim is settled at the negotiating table or we have to present it to a judge and jury in court.