Does Automobile Insurance Cover Damages Resulting from Road Rage Incident?

Residents frequently hear a particular message in a traffic-related service announcement. Here is that frequently-repeated reminder: Drive defensively. Those drivers that follow the announced advice should not have to ask the question in the title of this article.

Actions expected from an enraged driver

• Gesturing at other drivers
• Calling other drivers names
• Honking the horn
• Actions might increase to the point where one driver assaults the other driver.

If that assault were to result in injuries to the other driver, would those be covered by the car insurance?

Injuries caused by a physical altercation would not be covered. Any charges brought by the assaulted driver would get heard in a court that is part of the criminal justice system. Cases that deal with insurance coverage get heard in a civil court.

Possible punishment for person that initiated the fight:

• Jail time
• Fines
• Probation and restitution
• The victim of the assault might have the right to pursue a civil claim against the initiator of the fight.

What damages might be covered by the automobile policy that was taken out by the person that initiated the fight?

• Those injuries were not caused by operation of a vehicle.
• Those injuries had been produced by an intentional act, and not by an accident.
• For the 2 reasons given above, the auto policy held by the person that initiated the fight would not cover the damages/injuries.

Possible sources of money for paying the expenses created by a road rage incident.

• The driver’s homeowner’s policy.
• The automobile insurance might cover the cost of any damage to the vehicle.
• Those are possible sources. Still, there is a strong chance that the insurer would not allow coverage of any sort of damage/injury that was caused by a road rage incident.

The message in the answer to the question in the title of this article:

It pays to be a defensive driver. Do not assume that the other driver will proceed at a reasonable speed, when approaching an intersection. Wait for that driver to pass, before attempting to make a left-hand turn. Personal Injury Lawyer in Kelowna will ask you not to assume that the traffic that has exited from a highway will proceed at a rate that matches with your desire to keep going. Those cars might slow down markedly; they could even come to a stop. You must be ready to stop, as well.

Those are examples of situations in which a driver needs to act defensively. Those are times when no one can benefit from actions such as gesturing and name-calling. Admittedly, honking might help at an intersection. Still, it would not help to fight with another driver, no matter how annoying his or her actions might be.