Defining The Meaning of Defective Products In Legal Terms

When you sustain an injury as the result of a defect in a product, you may have grounds to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer. This is because manufacturers are legally obligated to ensure that the products, they release to the public are actually safe to use. When a dangerous flaw occurs, be it during the design, manufacturing, or marketing stage, then the entire product is defective and the manufacturers have put themselves in a position in which they can be held legally responsible by consumers.


• Automobile/Auto Parts: When there is a defect in an automobile, the consequences can be fatal for the consumers. Defects that fall under this category can affect the tires, the vehicle systems, the airbags, and even something as inane as the paint job. Such defects are most commonly found in trucks and cars, which make them the most commonly recalled vehicles.
• Silicone Breast Implants: After years of class actions being filed against the manufactures of silicone breast implants, the FDA or Health Canada has finally taken action and retracted their permission of silicone implants under almost all circumstances. This is due to many instances in which a tear has allowed silicone to leak into the bodies of patients, resulting in severe tenderness, pain, swelling, inflammation, deformity, and other serious consequences.
• Contaminated Food: Defects in food can range from hazardous bacteria all the way to foreign material being discovered in the produce. Furthermore, there are regulations in regards to labeling and safety which manufacturers are required to comply with, and which have been put into place by the Food and Drug Administration. If any of the regulations are violated, consumers have grounds to file a lawsuit and the manufacturer may be forced to recall the product.
• Tobacco: Another commonly filed lawsuit is against tobacco manufacturers with the goal of obtaining damages. The grounds for these lawsuits often revolve around fraud, injuries sustained by secondhand smoking, defects in the product, and false advertising, among other complaints.

Class Actions Against A Defective Product

Class action lawsuits are filed on the behalf of a grand number of people who all share the same complaint, and they are a filed by a representative as means of reducing the costs of litigation, while also boosting the efficiency of the judicial system. Though it should be noted that class action litigation is a highly complex process not to be taken lightly. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries and harm due to a defective product, it helps to call on ICBC lawyers in Surrey. They have the experience and the skill to help you get justice.