Comparing Locations For Slip And Fall Accidents – Private And Public Property

The location of any given spot does not remove that same location from exposure to the factors that work to cause occurrence of a slip and fall incident. Consequently, such incidents take place on both public and private property.

Premises liability

That is the legal term for the charge against someone that gas contributed to the creation of an accident on a given piece of property. The premises referenced in that phrase can be open to the public, or it can be in a private setting. What are some examples of private locations where someone might slip and fall?

• private home
• restaurants
• retail stores

What are some examples of public locations where someone might slip/trip and fall?

• A parking lot
• A sidewalk
• A roadway (one that a pedestrian is crossing)
• A public school
• A public library
• A playground
• A government building

Government officials are more apt to fight a claim placed by someone that has been injured during a slip and fall incident on public property. Of course, if such an incident gets captured on video, and then gets shared on YouTube, it becomes harder to fight a claim.

Who was responsible for maintenance?

That is the question that a personal injury lawyer must try to answer, if his or her client has been injured in a slip and fall incident. Being responsible for maintenance means more than just taking care of needed repairs.The person in charge of maintenance should schedule regular inspections of the maintained premises. Ideally, the person charged with that responsibility keeps a record of when each inspection was completed, and what the inspectors found.

The inspectors share their findings with the person charged with maintaining the inspected location. The person that obtains the results of a given inspection is supposed to share any reports about a problem with those that know how to correct such a problem.

It is not enough to order the fixing of a specific problem. The accident lawyer in Surrey person that gives such an order should take the time to check on how the problem-solvers have chosen to attack the reported break, damage or malfunction. How maintenance of public property differs from the same task on private property?

On a public property, those charged with maintenance must respond to reports of a problem just as rapidly as possible. The government’s level of responsibility increases, if someone has reported the same problem on an earlier date. Sometimes, it seems like the government is acting unfairly, when it asks that notice of a possible claim be made no more than 10 days after the reported incident. Actually, that rule calls attention to the value of that first report. If it does not get made soon enough, someone else might have already complained, making that first incident the second or the third reported one.