Changes Made To ICBC Benefits In 2019

Are you a resident of British Columbia? If you are, were you injured in a collision at some time after April 1, 2019? If that is the case, then you ought to learn about how the Insurance Corporation British Columbia (ICBC) has changed the rules, regarding its healthcare payments.

Details on the new rules

There will be an increase in the size of each payment that goes to those that have qualified for disability payments. Personal Injury Lawyer in Burnaby knows that no disability payment will be issued to any driver that was not responsible for a given accident, and also had some form of private insurance.

Prior to the delivery by ICBC of any benefits, the claimant must be examined by a registered care advisor. That advisor should not be someone that was hired by ICBC. The report prepared by the registered care advisor must be sent to the claimant’s treating physician within 10 days of the examination.

Time restrictions

A claimant that is being treated for an injury sustained as the result of a car accident has the right to seek reimbursement from ICBC for the cost of that treatment. Still, it is claimant’s duty to see that the request for such reimbursement gets sent to ICBC’s offices within 60 days of the date when the treatment was provided.

That may seem like a generous amount of time. Still, ICBC’s own actions during that 60-day period could cause the postmark on the mailed claim form to reveal a delay in issuance of that same form.

Understand that a request for reimbursement of the money spent on a given treatment cannot be included in a simple letter. Instead, it must be one presented within a specific form. That form must be issued by ICBC.

In other words, a claimant would find it impossible to seek reimbursement for any treatment expenses until he or she had received the one of ICBC’s required forms. Naturally, that same form would have to be completed correctly, before a payment would be issued.

Consider then, the total amount of time that could pass between the day when a claimant first gets injured and the day when payment for any treatment arrives. First the injured victim/claimant must get examined by the care advisor. Then, no more than 10 days later the treating physician should get a report on that same examination. Based on that report, the claimant’s treatment could be scheduled and administered.

Following the claimant’s receipt and completion of the proper form, the treatment’s cost should be sent to ICBC’s offices. Only after having received the form that provided details on the administered treatment and its cost would the Insurance Corporation be ready to cover the costs of the claimed treatment.