Challenges To Receiving Sick Leave And Treatment Care In British Columbia

While any resident of British Columbia (BC) can expect to receive Part 7 Benefits from ICBC, after being involved in a motor vehicle accident, the task of obtaining sick leave and treatment care can prove to be more of a challenge. An offer of sick leave and treatment care normally gets received by someone that has satisfied certain requirements.

Required features, when BC resident requests sick leave and treatment care:

The treatment sought must rely on utilization of evidence-based medicine. The requested care must be one that has been offered by one of the provincial health care systems inside of Canada. The resident making the request should not expect to receive any money for travel or other added expenses. Only the expenses that are directly related to the requester’s condition will get covered.

Optional method available to BC resident that seeks sick leave and treatment care:

That resident can seek travel funding from the Non-Insured Health Care Plan. Still, the delivery of such funding becomes contingent on the receipt of medical proof, substantiating a need for the planned journey.

Once it has been approved, the delivery of treatment care ensures the recipient of the ability to enjoy a long list of benefits. That listing of benefits includes the following:

• Money to cover housekeeping tasks
• Money for physiotherapy sessions
• Financial coverage of sessions spent with a chiropractor
• Financial coverage of a time spent getting a massage
• Reimbursement for loss of wages
• Payments that can cover the costs of required changes to the home of the person that has requested the treatment.
• Money that covers the cost of medication
• Reimbursement for rehabilitation costs
• Financial coverage of any surgery

A payment that covers the cost of any medical devices, especially those that were used in delivery of the ordered treatment. That would include both large items, such as a wheelchair and small items, such as a hearing aid. The monetary compensation will cover the cost of a physical therapist or an occupational therapist. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver knows that financial help for an ill parent is important as they need child care services.

The idea that pushed British Columbia to offer all of the benefits that appeared in the above list:

Government authorities in BC believe that any accident victim that has become a hospitalized patient, or a patient in a rehabilitation facility deserves the type of care that can keep the same patient’s condition from deteriorating. Each of the offered and listed benefits has the ability to aid delivery of that type of care. The affected individual needs to consult with a lawyer to ensure that the insurance company does not lowball them on the entitled amount of damages.