Can A Snowmobiler Get Compensated For An Accident Caused Injury?

Only on rare occasions does one snowmobile collide with another one. Usually, the persons injured during a snowmobile accident are the driver and any passengers. If the driver has been negligent, the passenger may get compensated for any injuries.

What would be examples of negligence on the part of the driver?

• Operation of the vehicle that moves on snow, while realizing that driver’s abilities have been hampered by the effect of drugs or alcohol
• Driving the same sort of vehicle at excessive speeds, or driving recklessly
• Failure to maintain the most dependable means of transport (snowmobile), when traveling over snow-covered fields.

Both driver and passenger can limit the number of injuries by wearing proper clothing, including headgear. They need to have emergency equipment and a first aid kit on board. It is advised that they stay on known piece of terrain, even if traveling on a cleared path. Otherwise, they need to be extra-vigilant, while covering any stretch of land that has not been covered before.

Both the driver and passenger are advised not cross a frozen body of water, unless the ice sheet is at least 25 feet thick. Take the time to read the Red Cross book on Lifesaving. The final chapter focuses on accidents that can occur on the ice. It explains how to rescue someone that has fallen through the ice.

British Columbia’s laws directed at drivers

• Snowmobiles must be registered and insured.
• Every snowmobile-driver must wear a helmet.
• No driver should be under 18, unless with adult.

Some exemptions have been made for ranchers, farmers and members of indigenous communities. Those groups do not ride for fun, and are generally familiar with the terrain that any member in group might choose to cross. Still, British Columbia recognizes the driver’s responsibility, in terms of ensuring the safety of any passenger. If the driver ignores a passenger’s request, and that same passenger gets injured, the driver can be held liable.

Has there ever been a time when two snowmobiles collided?

Yes, such a collision happened at least once and the collision proved deadly.Hence that one case does not indicate how it might be determined which driver has caused that sort of on-the-snow accident. It does not offer any guidelines for weighing the level of negligence on the part of each driver. It is important to consult with accident lawyer in White Rock, so that the claim can be made.

British Columbia law directed at land owners

While farmers and ranchers do enjoy special exemptions, members of those two groups also have to follow the rules written for property owners. One rule strives to ensure the maintenance of established trails, the pathways used by those on snowmobiles. That same rule applies to anyone that might seek to make changes in the land over which a trail pass.