Avoid Getting Trapped When Making ICBC Claim

The ICBC claim form does not come with a physical trap, but failure to complete it properly can lead to denial of the submitted claim. Residents of British Columbia need to pay attention to what has been asked of them, when filling out the ICBC form.

Were you asked for the other driver’s information?

A properly completed form should state the name of the other driver, along with the number on the license plate of that same driver’s vehicle. Someone that has been hurt during a hit-and-run incident should contact the police immediately. Later, that same individual needs to work with the Insurance Company of British Columbia (ICBC), as it seeks to locate the unidentified adult that had been sitting in the driver’s seat.

Did you go to the doctor?

Anyone that will be filling out one of ICBC’s forms should be able to give the name of the hospital, walk-in clinic or family doctor that he or she visited as soon as possible, following the reported accident.

Did you report all of your symptoms?

Some injuries, such as a concussion have very subtle symptoms. Even the mildest level of discomfort should be shared with the men and women that will receive and study the submitted paper, the one from ICBC’s offices.

Did you report your accident to the police?

Call or use the ICBC dial-a-claim link.

Did you have your lawyer handle any conversations with ICBC?

That precaution reduces the changes for a misunderstanding to develop.

Did you apply for medical employment insurance?

If the answer is “no,” then you should not expect to receive an income replacement benefit.

Did you accept an early settlement?

You should not agree to settle until you and your doctor have become fully aware of all the symptoms associated with your claimed injury.

Did you consult a lawyer, regarding the full value of your case?

By knowing the full value of your case, your ICBC Lawyers in Vancouver can do better job of completing the claim form in a satisfactory fashion.

Did you assume that you had to apply for WCB benefits?

If both drivers are workers at the time of the accident, then those to drivers must apply for WCB benefits, if injured during the course of the collision. Otherwise, an injured driver does not have to apply for WCB benefits.

Did you preserve all the evidence?

• Did you take pictures of your injury? Did you take pictures of the damaged vehicle?
• Did you take pictures of the site at which the two vehicles collided?
• Did you save all the receipts received when you purchased medication or medical equipment? Did you save the receipts that you received after paying doctor’s bills or hospital bills?