Are Truck Accidents Different From Other Motor Vehicle Collisions?

Trucks are different from regular cars. Therefore, it follows that accidents involving trucks are different from those that involve only cars. If you are ever involved in an accident that involved one or more trucks, read this article for valuable information and advice. Then hire a personal injury lawyer to help you navigate through the British Columbia’s injury law maze.

Did you know that trucks are subjected to more regulations than cars are?Well, you may not be aware of this, but your lawyer is. This is because trucks carry goods across many state lines. Some of the additional regulations include:

● Higher insurance coverages and premiums
● Annual inspections
● Special drivers’ licenses
● Logbooks

These extra regulations are the reason why you need the help and advice of a personal injury lawyer in determining and establishing fault on the part of the truck driver could be difficult otherwise.

Trucks are bigger

The average truck weighs over 80,000 pounds. The average car only weighs 3,000 pounds. The force that trucks will exert on your car as it stops is much greater in a car accident and so is your chance of sustaining serious injuries that include:

● Paralysis
● Broken bones
● Traumatic brain injuries like a head concussion
● Death

This is part of the reason why truck drivers carry much higher insurance coverage through their driving companies. The bad news is that this coverage may not cover all of your sustained injuries and property damage because the truck driver’s insurance company will try to make you go away by offering you what seems to be a huge amount of money up-front. If you accept, you will generally not be able to sue the defendant (truck driver) for a greater amount later on even if you have huge and unforeseen expenses and bills. This is why you should never accept a settlement without first consulting your personal injury lawyer in Surrey.

Recoverable Damages

Your personal injury lawyer will help you recover the following damages from the truck driver’s insurance company to help you lead a better quality of life. These include:

● Pain and suffering
● All medical bills, including past, present, and future
● Rehab
● Lost present and future wages and income
● Loss of companionship
● Emotional distress

You can win a personal injury lawsuit against a truck driver, if you have gotten into an accident with a truck and the truck driver is at fault, there is hope. You can hire good legal counsel to help you navigate personal injury law in terms of commercial vehicles and win the settlement you want and need from the truck driver in court.