Are ICBC Settlements A Guide To Compensation For Damages?

No matter where you live in British Columbia, your insurance is always covered by the ICBC. In cases where a driver's negligent actions have led to a collision, the innocent and injured party oftentimes files an ICBC claim. These claims come in a wide variety of value regarding the settlement itself; a value which is fully dependent on a multitude of factors which are unique and specific to the circumstances which led to the accident.

The ICBC has made a name for itself by utilizing an inconceivable amount of internal guidelines and connections that ultimately help the adjuster undermine the severity of the situation in an effort to minimize the settlement value of your claim. The ICBC, as well as their adjuster and the guilty party may try to use intimidation tactics to the get you, the injured and innocent party, to agree to an unfair settlement. To avoid this, you may hire an ICBC lawyer who is trained to stand as a protective barrier between you and the other parties who do not care about fairness and compensating you for your injuries and/or losses.

If you think representation yourself is a good idea, you should be made aware that a self-represented individual is most often met with a settlement offer that is vastly lower than the one who would have been presented to your lawyer. Despite this, the self-represented individuals still more often than not, accept this offer as a result of persuasion tactics used by the other parties.

However, if you do choose to hire a personal injury lawyer in Langley, you will find that their experience leads to all your damages and future costs of care will be addressed during negotiations and continually brought up until they are all fairly and sufficiently compensated for by the settlement offer. Among these damages and future costs are: physical damages (both long and short term), loss of wages due to rehabilitation, emotional damages, and any other injury damages which apply to your situation.

The injury damages that may be included in the value of your ICBC claim and settlement will stem from any of these 7 types of injury damages:

• Out of pocket expenses
• Pain and suffering
• Loss of income
• Loss of future income and earning capacity
• Loss of housekeeping capacity
• In trust damages
• Cost of future care

It is important to talk with an ICBC lawyer in Langley who will be able to guide you on the categories you quality for to get paid the compensation that you truly deserve.