An Explanation As To Why Hire A Lawyer Before Informing The ICBC

Following a car accident, you have the right to contact your lawyer before you ever even speak with the Insurance Corporation British Columbia, or the ICBC. This is because anything you say in the presence of an ICBC member may be held against you later on and, in the end, lead to the denial of your claim.

What The ICBC Will Ask of You

When you contact the ICBC, they will ask for a detailed description of events which led up to the car accident, as well as what happened during and immediately after. Furthermore, they will put you in contact with one of their claim adjusters, who will ask for further statements. There will also be documentation concerning your accident which you will need to fill out within a limited time frame set by the ICBC which will lead to first assessments in regards to a potential settlement.

Why The ICBC Is Not On Your Side

The claims adjusters working for the ICBC have a role to fulfill. This role is to settle any and all claims in a manner that is beneficial for the insurer, and not to you. They want to reach the lowest settlement possible, no matter what the consequences would be for the one filing the claim. They do not care about your health and safety, they are working towards profit, and profit only. While this intent may seem malicious, they are actually contractually bound to defend the person you are filing your claim against, or rather the insurance policy of said person.

For you, this means that, other than the No-Fault benefits you are owed, the ICBC will actually be working against you, simply because they are acting on the behalf of the negligent party who caused the accident; the person whose negligence caused your injuries. As a result of this, the claims adjusted might push you to come in and meet with them. They might say it's to answer some of their questions, or maybe to put your signature on a statement. However, they will try to get you to do this before you had the time to reach out to a Personal Injury Lawyer in Kamloops. This is a strategy. Don't fall for it!

Never sign any document without a lawyer. The law does not obligate you to sign a statement from the ICBC. Your only obligation is to report the accident and provide a completed, and signed, claim.