Actions To Take If Involved In Accident With Uninsured Driver

A typical driver in British Columbia recognizes the consequences could be facing someone that has been driving an uninsured automobile. He or she does not want to face those consequences, and therefore buys a car insurance policy. Unfortunately, not all drivers copy such logical thinking and such exemplary behavior.

As a result, there are some uninsured motorists on the road. Any one of them could get involved in an accident. For that reason, ICBC Lawyers Abbotsford advises that every motorist should know what actions to take, in the event that he or she becomes involved in an accident with an uninsured driver.

Actions to take at the spot where the vehicles collided

First present your identifying papers and your license, with the license number. By taking that action, you should learn quickly whether or not the other driver has purchased a car insurance policy. If you realize that the other driver’s hesitation has revealed a lack of insurance coverage, jot down all the features on the other driver’s vehicle. You want to have that information in case the uninsured motorist becomes frightened and drives away.

Do not try to chase that fleeing driver. By then, you should have all the information that you can get, which amounts to all the information that you need. In a courtroom, your own actions will speak volumes when the judge and jury compare them to the actions carried out by the other party.

Next call the police. Take pictures, using your cell phone. Gather information and contact numbers from various witnesses. Then seek medical attention.

Actions that can be taken upon coming back to your residence

Contact ICBC. Find and hire an Injury Lawyer in Kelowna. At that point, you should realize that you must seek compensation for your injuries, but the responsible driver has no insurance coverage. That means that you must work with a lawyer to seek out any alternate source of money, money that might come from someone that is partly responsible for the recent accident.

Review with any hired lawyer your own actions. Did you do anything that might get viewed as an act that helped to cause the damage to your vehicle or the injuries to your body? The attorney for the defendant will be looking for evidence that you did indeed carry-out such an act.

If necessary, work with your attorney, in order to prepare a counter attack to any claim that you were guilty of committing an act of contributory negligence. Be sure, too, that you follow the directions of the physician that is treating your accident-related injury. That way, you and your lawyer should be ready to face the team that must do their best to defend the actions of an uninsured motorist.