Actions To Be Taken By Bike Rider That Was Involved In Accident

It would seem clear that a bike rider would have a strong case against any driver that hit that same bicyclist. Still, the nature of ICBC’s investigative process pushes lawyers with bike-riding clients to warn them about the appropriate actions, following any involvement in a collision.

Actions that should be taken:

• Request help with obtaining medical assistance.
• Remain at the scene; wait for arrival of the police. Submission of a police report strengthens any case.
• Once the police arrive, all parties have a chance to give their side of the story. Do not forego your opportunity.
• Collect the needed contact information. That includes the name and address for the driver, plus the names and contact numbers for any witnesses.

When you get home, take the time to write down everything that you can remember. Be sure to include the time, the location, the weather conditions, the road conditions, the amount of traffic, and the presence of any confusing sign or any mal-functioning traffic light.

Your doctor’s report should document your injuries. Still, it helps to supplement that report. Take pictures of your injuries. Be sure that you know on what day a given picture was taken. Put your bike and clothing in a safe and secure container. Store that container in a spot that does not get much traffic. You do not want anyone to be touching those pieces of evidence.

Actions to avoid

While you are still at the scene of the accident, do not take part in any discussions, other than those that should allow you to obtain contact information. Do not express an opinion, regarding who is at fault, even if the driver appears ready to accept the blame. Sometimes drivers change their story.

ICBC Lawyers in Richmond advice you not to talk to anyone about your case. You should not go online and post any comments about your case.

Do not go online and post pictures of you on various networking sites. Insurance companies assign certain staff members with the job of visiting the various networking sites. During such a visit, you do not want them to discover a picture that shows you taking part in some activity that you told a doctor you cannot perform, due to the physical problems associated with your injury.

Do not overlook marked changes in your attitude or emotions. Note, too, any increased level of fatigue. Those could be a sign that you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or a concussion. If you got injured while riding on the back of someone else’s bike, do not hesitate to share that information. True, that could reduce the awarded compensation, but you must not sacrifice your rights in order to help a friend make a bit more money.