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About Our Firm

ABOUT Barapp Law Firm In Richmond, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam & Nanaimo

Barapp Law Firm is dedicated to helping accident victims recover from their injuries and return to the lifestyle they were enjoying prior to getting hurt.  After an accident, there are numerous emotional and financial obstacles that these individuals must overcome while recovering from their injuries.  There is an endless stream of paperwork and questions that they have to deal with.  In turn, causes an undue amount of stress and worry that can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming.  And that’s where we can help.

Your Pain is Our Pain

Our lawyers, legal assistants, paralegals, and staff members take a compassionate approach to clients who have been injured in an accident and have many challenges during their recovery and rehabilitation periods.  Not only do we have a proven track record of success in court and at the negotiating table; we have years of combined experience and expertise in Provincial personal injury law.  At Barapp Law Firm, we only represent injury victims, not the ICBC or any of the other major insurance companies in British Columbia.

We work hard for Our Clients

As your legal representative, we can ensure that your rights to compensation will be protected throughout the personal injury claims process.  If we cannot achieve a fair and reasonable settlement out of court, we will aggressively advocate for you in front of a judge and jury.  Since we started our practice, we have helped to protect these rights for hundreds of clients, especially those whose injuries have resulted from another person’s careless, negligent, or reckless behavior.

Consequently, Barapp Law Firm has become a firm who’s clients regularly recommend to their friends and family in British Columbia. We care deeply about the individuals and their families who we represent by taking a more personal approach to their case.  In addition to the lawyer that represents you and your claim, your legal team will be comprised of legal assistants and paralegals as well as investigative experts and medical specialists, whenever it becomes necessary. They will go that extra mile to ensure that

We build strong Cases for Our Clients

While it’s possible that the insurer handling your claim will offer a monetary settlement for your claim or that the negligent company or individual who has been named in your personal injury case may admit their wrongdoing, these cases can still be very complex.  That’s why it is vital to have a personal injury lawyer that can build the strongest case possible when representing you. It helps when they have an excellent record on negotiations and at trials.

Whether you’ve been bitten by the neighbor’s dog, gotten hurt by slipping and falling on someone else’s property, or sustained catastrophic injuries in a motor vehicle accident, you deserve the best legal representation possible.  For more information regarding how we can help you obtain the compensation you are deserving of, contact a Barapp Law Firm representative today. Call us today.