About Personal Injury Cases Stemming From Airplane Accidents

Someone that has been injured in a motor vehicle accident can follow a well-established system for filing a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, someone that has been injured during the course of a plane accident must wade his or her way through a rather complicated system. Accident Lawyer in Vancouver knows that there are a number of possibilities add to the system’s level of complexity.

Possible reasons for the accident

• Pilot error
• Equipment failure: Was the equipment poorly-maintained, or did had the airplane been fitted with a malfunctioning part? Those questions must be answered, in order to identify the person responsible for the malfunctioning equipment.
• A flaw in the plane’s structure
• A flaw in the plane’s design
• A government regulation was not followed.

Negligence on the part of an airline employee or a traffic controller. If the pilot had not received the proper training, then that could be due to negligence on the part of a trainer. If the case progressed to the stage at which a trial was required, where would the trial be held? Here again, a whole list of possibilities can be created.

The places where a trial might be held can be the city from which the flight departed or the spot at which the plane fell from the sky. Keep in mind the fact that each of those 2 locations has its own statute of limitations. If you planned to file a personal injury claim would need to become familiar with the statute of limitations for the location in which the trail was scheduled to take place

Not every injury results from a large crash.

It may be that a passenger got injured during the flight. A passenger might even develop a medical problem after leaving the flight, but feel that some flight-related mishap actually triggered development of the new medical problem.

For instance, may a passenger’s chair could not get moved from the upright position. Consequently, one man had to sit in an upright position during the entire flight. If that same man later developed back problems, he might be able to win a personal injury case.

Although that passenger would have had a small complaint, a number of different people might be held responsible for that problem. The same thing would certainly be the case if a plane had to delay its takeoff due to a seating error. Suppose, too, that during the delayed plane got jerked in some fashion, injuring a passenger.

That describes the sort of case that would pose a challenge to a personal injury lawyer. Who should be held accountable for the injury? Was the pilot responsible or the person that had allowed the entrance of too many passengers, resulting in the creation of an improper passenger count?